Country Championships 2014

This year the Country Championships were held in Ballarat from 28th to 30th of June.  Hamilton sent along 7 players who played alongside the Warrnambool and Corangamite boys.  5 in Under 15 and 2 in under 12.

HAMILTON PHOTO 2014 sml TEAM PHOTO U12 2014 smlTEAM PHOTO U15 2014 sml

The weather was miserable, but spirits were high and the boys certainly gave it their all!  Dylan was the only scorer out of the Hamilton kids and it was certainly a brilliant goal!

There was lots of stiff competition at the tournament and it was great to meet other teams from across Victoria.

Henry and Callum played in goals and stopped quite a few shots while Dylan and Jack played wing, Nathan played centre back and centre forward while Aiden played centre back and half back.  Will played right back and did a brilliant job earning captain on the 2nd day of play.

It was wonderful seeing a sea of red Hamilton jackets down in Ballarat, we were certainly dryer than everyone else and it was so much easier to find anyone from Hamilton!  It was also great to have the support of our President who came down to watch and show her support!  A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the weekend and all the weeks training leading up to the tournament, it was fantastic!

Dylan Mooney scored a brilliant goal day 3 of the tournament. Aiden Porter defended strongly throughout the tournament.